Saro Imran

As a young Transgender Activist for Trans and other gender diversified communities rights and justice, Saro has been working in the field of Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV/AIDS since 2013.

In 2008, when she was just 15 years old, a mob attacked her because of her gender identity. She was badly injured, both physically and emotionally.  After spending two long years in trauma, isolated in a single room, she committed to herself that she would not suffer as a victim, and instead fight for the rights of transgender people.

Due to her efforts as an advocate with other fellow activists created Transgender movement in the South Punjab region of Pakistan which is a deprived region of the country. This movement includes Human rights and justice including working for HIV/AIDS prevention among Transgender communities under Global Fund Project. She has also worked with Punjab AIDS Control program - Department of Primary & Secondary Heath - Government of Pakistan for service delivery for transgender community that includes voluntary testing of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C & B and also other Sexual Transmitted infections. As well as helped in linking the Transgender people living with HIV for treatment adherence with special clinics for ARV's.

Saro has gone on to work in other areas linked with Global Fund including Women for Global Fund and advocate for the Gender lens in HIV/AIDS prevention & Treatment and other issues that are directly or indirectly linked with HIV/AIDS prevention like economic justice of Transgender people.

"The Global Fund is playing a huge role in addressing the needs of the communities when it comes to the HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.  It is putting communities at the center of the work, as it is communities that work best for the community."

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