Preparatory Meeting & Investment Case Advocacy Toolkit

The Preparatory Meeting for the 7th Replenishment of the Global Fund concluded yesterday. The Global Fund Secretariat released the Investment Case for the 7th Replenishment during the event, containing in particular its minimum fundraising target: USD $18 billion for the fight against HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria.


  • GFAN, GFAN Asia Pacific and GFAN Africa have release a statement on the Investment Case, that you can find here;
  • Back in November we had released our own Civil Society ask document, which you can find here;
  • We are releasing a series of briefs completing the arguments in our Civil Society Ask document. You can find them here; so far we have release briefs on HIV, TB, Malaria, Domestic Resource Mobilisation and Harm Reduction.
  • We have organized a debriefing call with the GFS team on the Preparatory Meeting and the Investment Case; you can find the recording here.
  • You can also find the comments made at the meeting on behalf of the Communities, Developing Country NGO and Developed Country NGO delegations here.
  • A statement by MPs from the Preparatory Meeting hosting countries can be found here, and The Guardian coverage here.

Social Media Assets and Messaging:

We are at a turning point of the Replenishment campaign; as civil society and health advocates, we need to do our best for the fundraising targets to not just be met but exceeded. Find below some sample messages to use on social media for your 7th Replenishment Advocacy, and visual assets centered on community voices from our GFAN Speakers:

Find campaign images for social media in English and in French here.

Accounts to tag: @GFAdvocates ; @GFANAP ; @GFAN_Africa ; @GlobalFund

Hashtags: #7thReplenishment #endAIDS #endTB #endMalaria #FightforWhatCounts


Sample Tweet 1:

For the #7thReplenishment, we need to finally close the gap. We need to Fully Fund the Global Fund to #endAIDS #endTB #endMalaria

Read our statement and #FightforWhatCounts:
@GFANAP @GFAN_Africa @GlobalFund

Sample Tweet 2:

For the #7thReplenishment, a Fully Funded Global Fund means cutting infection in #HIV #TB #Malaria by 2/3 by 2026. #FightforWhatCounts

Read our statement:
@GFANAP @GFAN_Africa @GlobalFund

Sample Tweet 3:

This year we take decisions for 2026 - where do we want to be then? On track to #endAIDS #endTB #endMalaria!!!
#7thReplenishment #FightforWhatCounts

Read our statement:
@GFANAP @GFAN_Africa @GlobalFund