Global Fund Strategy Toolkit

We are calling on GFAN members to engage with their Global Fund Board Members and Board constituencies about key asks from communities and civil society members on the new Global Fund Strategy. 

The time for action is now: important discussions will take place at the next Global Fund Board Meeting on 11-12 May 2021. 

Write a letter, share the key messages briefing, add any additional materials/asks you have developed and ask for a meeting with either or both your government officials or board constituency at the Global Fund Board.  And please make sure to cc GFAN at on your letters and tag us @gfadvocates on social media so we can keep track of the campaign! 

global fund strategy toolkit

We have a number of tools at your disposal:

These are templates and suggestions - the most important thing is to take action and have community and civil society input once again reach Global Fund Board constituencies, its Strategy Committee and your government officials - feel free to adapt and modify these tools to your issue or country context.

You can reach out to board members and their constituencies through their focal points, and you can find the full list and their contact information here.  The names of board members and their alternates are listed in the first section on this page.  The focal points are in the second section and include contact information you can use to reach board members. 

Social Media Tools

Sample Posts:

  • It is critical that communities & civil society are fully and meaningfully engaged & integrated as equal partners across the scope the Global Fund’s work.  Communities should be at the centre of the Global Fund’s efforts.
  • The Global Fund should maintain its mandate & primary focus on HIV, TB & malaria while also supporting investments in health systems strengthening so that those systems for health can address any new and emerging crises when they arise.
  • Increased financing for communities & civil society groups is essential for community systems strengthening and stronger communities means more effective access to key populations in the fights against AIDS, TB and malaria.
  • The Global Fund must take stronger & more targeted action against the structural barriers that continue to prevent key populations & other vulnerable groups from receiving the services & support they need.
  • We should be focussing on Global Health Solidarity & not Security – our responses to health should be reshaped into one on solidarity, inclusivity & equity.  Health is a common responsibility for all. 
  • GFAN Asia-Pacific has put together a video on #TheGlobalFundWeStillWant learn more about their campaign at: (and don’t forget to tag them on Facebook @gfanasiapacific & on Twitter @gfanap)
  • Hashtag to include: #TheGlobalFundWeStillWant  
  • Tags to include: @gfadvocates (Twitter and Facebook), @globalfund (Twitter) & @TheGlobalFund (Facebook)

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