Amelie Wamba

Amelie has seen the impact, firsthand, of malaria on families in Africa.  The disease impacts not only people’s health, but the family’s food security and livelihood. Amelie represents the young generation of Africans who are committed to eradicating this disease in their lifetime and she has dedicated her career to this fight.

Malaria is highly endemic in sub-Saharan Africa which shoulders over 90% of the global burden with a child dying every 2 minutes. Efforts to eliminate malaria have been helpful however the rise of resistance to drugs in the parasite and to insecticides in mosquitoes now constitute a major setback.

Identifying innovative approaches and improved solutions to the malaria challenges both motivate and drive Amelie.

“I am amazed at how diverse the malaria problem is across Africa especially how our socioeconomic and cultural beliefs affect our understanding of malaria and impact our engagement and active participation in malaria eradication.”

"I grew up in a malaria endemic country and witnessed first-hand the impact of malaria on health and families - especially when my siblings and I got sick. Fortunately, the Ministry of Health in Cameroon, through funding from the Global Fund, gave us mosquito nets which helped protect our family. I am very committed to the eradication of malaria in Cameroon and all countries with endemic malaria."

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