Rachel Boyindjo

Rachel Boyindjo

Perspectives: HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, vertical transmission.

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Given that HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis are so close to home for Rachel, she knows that they must be eradicated at all costs so that our parents, friends, and fellow citizens no longer have to die. Rachel has decided to make her contribution by participating in and committing to the development and implementation of quality prevention and monitoring strategies for populations, and in particular the most vulnerable groups: women, children, and key populations. In line with the objectives of the new strategic plan of her parent organization, Rachel is dedicated to creating a world in which girls and women have the power to make decisions about their lives and thrive in a world free from these three diseases.

A sociologist by training, Rachel has been working at the Dimension Humaine NGO as Executive Director for over 11 years. This community-based NGO focuses on health issues, including the fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and sexual and reproductive health. They work with the various programs of the Global Fund and other development partners. Rachel also works on sexual and reproductive health issues in adolescents and women. In this role, Rachel has implemented and coordinated monitoring activities for various projects funded by Global Fund to fight HIV, malaria and tuberculosis.

Under the partnership between Dimension Humaine, the Togolese government, and the Global Fund, she obtained her Global Fund-accredited trainer certificate. She has successfully trained 375 peer educators in different towns in Togo in both academic and non-academic settings. She has also coordinated monitoring activities with mediators, community health officers, and community intermediaries to support people living with HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.

Rachel also coordinated the “Strengthening and Expanding Prevention and Comprehensive Care Services for People Living with HIV to Achieve Universal Access in Togo” program, which focuses on trainees, sex workers, and truck drivers.

Her office has become a resource centre for condom distribution and educational talks on HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, and life skills for youth in her community.

Rachel, a dedicated activist for the promotion, protection and defence of human rights, has participated in numerous international conferences, including the Dublin Platform for Human Rights Defenders, African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights activities, forums on corporate accountability and human rights at the United Nations Palace of Nations in Geneva, the United States International Visitor Program organized by the U.S. embassy in Togo, the founding general assembly of the African Coalition for Corporate Accountability, and the 1stMalaria World Congress in Melbourne, Australia, in June 2018.

The Global Fund has been supporting Togo since 2003. In 2017, the Global Fund distributed 4.63 million mosquito nets. The Global Fund supports 59,800 people on antiretroviral treatment for HIV and 2,600 people with tuberculosis being treated in Togo every year.

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