Application for Virtual Networking Zone: AIDS2020

Application for session at Global Village Virtual Networking Zone – AIDS2020 ~ July 6th-10th 2020


*note that applications will be reviewed as they are received in order to provide a timely turn-around of notifications to all applicants

NOTIFICATION OF SELECTION: emails will be sent out June 1st 2020.

Background:  Earlier this year, in collaboration with the Communications Platforms for the Global Fund, GFAN applied for and was recently notified they were accepted for a Networking Zone in the now virtual, Global Village.

At this time we have NO details about what platforms will be made available in terms of technology or confirmation about the times that the platforms will be available. Of note, the Global Village (and therefore the NWZ sessions) will apparently be open to the public and with virtual participation, it could be a unique opportunity to engage audiences we cannot normally reach at this type of event.

As co-organizers, we are prioritizing 3 key sessions that we will share further details on in the coming weeks:

  1. Townhall session with Global Fund Secretariat
  2. Communities and Civil Society input to the Global Fund Strategy Process
  3. COVID-19:

You may propose a session on any topic that you think will be of interest! Past successful sessions have included such things as:

  • Launching a campaign or new research/paper
  • Consultations on key issues such as involving youth in advocacy work
  • Townhall style sessions with representatives to various bodies (such as community and NGO representatives to Global Health Institutions)
  • Information sessions on key areas of Global Fund work (human rights, harm reduction, regional sessions etceteras)

Various formats have been used such as showing videos, developing a “bingo” or “Jeopardy/trivia” style game – and with virtual platforms we likely have more of an opportunity to integrate participatory options such as polls or surveys or contributing to a googledoc even more (to be confirmed when we have the details about the platforms).

Applying for a session:  The following application form must be completed in full to be considered so please be sure to respond to each question – further information will be requested following selection. Please pay careful attention to word limits – longer applications will not necessarily make your case better!

Send completed applications to th (at) in advance of the 26 May deadline.