Thank You!

On behalf of the 650 members of the  Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN), we appreciate the tremendous work to achieve the $14 billion raised to fight the three diseases over the coming three-year period at the Sixth Replenishment of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. We are awed and incredibly proud of this collective achievement and wish to extend our thanks to every country that contributed to the Fund.

Money matters and we do not have enough to firmly get us back on track to end the three epidemics by 2030. We must build on the impressive commitments made in Lyon and raise more to get back on track.

The Global Fund’s Investment Case was clear that reaching $14 billion was the minimum needed to meet the Global Fund’s strategy targets but no more.

The data from GFAN’s Get Back on Track Report in July 2018, clearly showed at least $4 billion more is needed – a total of $18 billion in this Replenishment – to fully fund the Global Fund and fulfill its contribution to the Global Plans. By failing to rise above the $14 billion minimum threshold in Lyon to meet global needs, we risk missing important opportunities to ensure that we stay on track to end the three diseases, achieve universal healthcare coverage (UHC) and ultimately, meet the 2030 SDGs (particularly on health for all and leaving no one behind).

Please find below our Thank Yous to countries that made pledges to the Global Fund in advance of the Replenishment Conference.