Priscilla is a young passionate advocate for young people living with HIV. Priscilla is a Youth Leader for Health and the National President of the Young Health Advocates Ghana (YHAG), a network of young persons living with HIV with over seven hundred (700) members across Ghana. She also works with Hope for Future Generations as the Youth Lead for Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Currently she also works with the Global Network of Young People living with HIV (Y+ Global) as the Communications and Advocacy Graduate Trainee, where she delicately works in promoting meaningful youth engagement in the HIV and SRH response.

Priscilla was one of the first Young Person Living with HIV to boldly declared her status in Ghana and tell her story for her peers to adhere to treatment. She has supported and mobilized other young people living with HIV across Ghana to join Young Health Advocates Ghana (YHAG) and receive the benefits of youth-led interventions.

"The Global Fund through its partnership with local civil societies is the reason I stand as a passionate advocate for young people. I am a true example of what it means to invest in young communities in making sustainable efforts towards the elimination of HIV/AIDS."

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