Dumi is a feminist human rights defender and development practitioner. They are neurodivergent, non-binary, migrant queer Global Chartered Management Accountant with two masters degrees specializing in human rights & democratization in Africa and strategic management respectively.

Their HIV related experience includes over a decade advancing grassroots LGBT youth issues in participatory research, advocacy and policy strengthening. Dumi is founder of Success Capital Organisation, a sub-sub recipient of the Global Fund providing community health and justice referral services, whilst working in the nexus of human rights and sustainable development. Their consulting and advisory work includes CIVICUS World Alliance, the #ShiftThePower UK Funders Collective, UNDP Botswana and notably, Sisonke Botswana, the only woman led sex worker organisation. In addition, the FrancisTrans Collective, a participatory collective of transgender, non-binary and gender diverse individuals. Dumi brings intersectional perspectives of the communities they serve – sex workers and LGBTIQ+. 

Dumi serves the boards of Gender Dynamix, SRHR Africa Trust (both in South Africa), Voice Global (Netherlands) and Womankind Worldwide (United Kingdom). They also serve on the Task Force for the High Level Meeting on UHC, civil society engagement mechanism advisory group and steering committee of UHC 2030.

Their advocacy work is rooted in a gender, climate and disability just world.

"The Global Fund's support in eliminating human rights barriers has not only improved the human rights situation for me and my peers when accessing health services amidst the height of a 1.5 year long COVID-19 related state of emergency and nationwide safe sex commodity shortage - but also triggered a legal petition seeking justice for a police harassment incident I endured last year at a routine road block."

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