Ani Herna Sari

Eudora Ogechukwu is a young intersex advocate from Nigeria with experience working with sexual minorities. Being an intersex person in the Nigerian community, Eudora faced discrimination and marginalization and the same can be said for the broader LGBTQ+ and sexual minority communities in the country. Who continue to face extreme levels of social injustice and violation of fundamental human rights in the workplace and in accessing health, legal and social care. This legal and social stigma is further reflected in the non-representation of LGBTQ+ persons in the Global Fund country-level decision-making spaces.

It is taking into account the above grim reality that Eudora has been working to advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. They have expertise working in various organizations including, the African Network of Adolescence and Young People Development (ANAYPD), Women Health and Equal Right Initiative (WHER), International Centre for Advocacy on Right to Health (ICARH), and serves as the Nigerian focal point for Women4GlobalFund as well as being a global advisory committee member for Mama Cash and FRIDA.

By engaging as a GFAN Speaker Eudora looks forward to being a voice of encouragement for the LBGTQ+ and sexual minority community in Nigeria and advocate for the rights of LGBTQ+ persons living with HIV.

As a young sexual minority with no voice, Global Fund gave me a solid platform and a loud voice to speak about inclusion. Global fund also made me understand the phrase “Identifying the gaps, connecting the dots and leaving no one behind”.

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