GFAN’s Work in 2021-2025 – Inform

During 2021-2025, GFAN will remain a central information hub, collecting, compiling, posting and sharing information through the GFAN website, list-serve, and regular global webinars and online meetings.

More than 650 individuals at more than 350 organizations in 90 countries currently receive information from GFAN and work in aligned ways to support a fully funded and effective Global Fund.

GFAN will work to improve the quality and accessibility of information, by updating its website structure to improve ease of access to information, developing tools to access and analyze Global Fund-related data, and developing and sharing powerful visuals and video clips that communicate the urgent need and impact of the Global Fund and related investments in health and human rights.

GFAN will continue to be be a first and leading advocacy voice, compiling and synthesizing information into briefings and reports to articulate key advocacy messages and to set the tone and targets for global advocacy.  During 2021-2025, GFAN’s advocacy will focus on four themes:

The Global Fund’s strategy

The Global Fund has launched a process to develop its new 2023–2028 Strategy, with the expectation that the new strategy will be approved by the Global Fund Board at its November 2021 meeting.

GFAN and its partners will work to ensure the voices, priorities and needs of civil society, communities and key populations around the world are heard during the Strategy Development process in 2021 and that civil society priorities and needs are reflected in the final Strategy’s implementation in 2022 and beyond.


The Global Fund’s 7th and 8th funding replenishments

In each of the past Global Fund funding replenishment campaigns, GFAN has produced advocacy communications and reports, offering an independent perspective on the Global Fund’s fundraising goals and ultimate needs in the efforts against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

In 2018, GFAN produced the Get Back on Track report in advance of the Global Fund’s 6th replenishment campaign, calling for ambitious needs-based fundraising targets and setting a tone for globally aligned advocacy messages, strategies and actions for civil society’s participation in the campaign.

For the Global Fund’s 7th and 8th replenishments, launching in 2021 and 2024, GFAN will again generate supportive critique and advocacy, with the intent of mobilizing early funding commitments for the Global Fund. GFAN will work with allies in each country to inform and influence key heads of state, parliamentarians, and ministerial directors, and GFAN will use high-level meetings such as United Nations high-level meetings, and meetings of the G7 and G20 countries to catalyze and leverage country commitments.


International funding for health and other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

GFAN will prioritize advocacy for international funding from high-income countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal targets for health (SDG3), including targets for sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and universal health coverage (UHC). 

GFAN will also support advocacy related to other SDG targets including those related to gender equality, human rights, and equity and justice for marginalized populations.


Domestic resource mobilization in all high-burden countries

Domestic resources comprise an increasing share of financing for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria – far exceeding Global Fund investments in most countries. GFAN therefore recognizes the need to build capacity, strategies, and international collaboration for domestic resource mobilization advocacy. 

During the Global Fund’s 7th and 8th replenishment campaigns, as the Global Fund sets targets both for international financing of the Global Fund and also for domestic financing for health and the three diseases, GFAN will work with regional partners GFAN Africa and GFAN Asia-Pacific along with other global, regional and country partners to develop advocacy messages and actions to rally support for domestic resource mobilization in each country. GFAN’s support for domestic resource mobilization will align with internationally agreed targets such as the 5% GDP for UHC goal, the 2001 Abuja 5% goal for government spending for health and targets and standards for equitable, effective, and accountable budget allocations for health.


As a central source of information about Global Fund advocacy, GFAN will track, interpret and share information related to funding, policies and programs targeted to epidemics of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.