GFAN’s Work in 2021-2025 – Amplify

GFAN will endorse and amplify advocacy messages and campaigns.
As advocates develop strategies, messages and campaigns in and for specific countries, regions, languages, or thematic areas, GFAN will actively share these globally and actively endorse and promote global calls to action.

GFAN will organize opportunities for advocate visibility. 
During 2021-2025, GFAN will continue to create opportunities for advocate visibility and engagement about international and domestic funding for health.

GFAN’s support will include sponsoring advocate engagement and events at high-level global meetings, including Global Fund Board meetings, Global Fund pre-replenishment meetings and pledging conferences, and global conferences and high-level meetings focused on HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

GFAN will also support and lead global advocacy dialogue and networks in response to emerging needs and opportunities, as GFAN did in the case of COVID-19 and the ACT-A civil society platform.

GFAN will support resource mobilization for advocacy
GFAN will sustain its role of facilitating collaborations to fund advocacy and push for sustainable financing for health and domestic resource mobilization related to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

GFAN’s Work in 2021-2025: Amplify

GFAN is an advocacy organization in its own right, and will continue to endorse, promote and amplify advocacy messages and campaigns to advance its mission and intended outcomes and results.