GFAN Guide to AIDS2020

The official conference programme can be found here:

To visit our booth:!/ICSS

Our friends at Frontline AIDS also have a virtual booth & a road map to the conference.

pre-conference events:

Friends of the Global Fight:
Conference session: How did they do it?  

Details: What successful communities can teach all of us about making dramatic progress against HIV epidemics and what this means in the age of COVID-19.  This is a follow up to the amfAR, AVAC and Friends report from last year, Translating progress into success to end the AIDS epidemic.  The session provides updates from five of the locations detailed in the report. 


Timing: Available after July 4

Link: forthcoming

GFAN and CRG: Town Hall with Peter Sands.   

Details:  Peter answers questions from communities and civil society groups regarding the Global Fund focusing on ACT-A, Strategy Development and the impact of COVID-19.  


Timing: Recorded on 22 June 2020.

Stop TB Partnership: Turning Threats into Opportunities


Details: Live panel discussion on implementing and advancing quality TB services for people living with HIV during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


Date and Time:   2 July 06:30- 08:00 (PDT) ~ 09:30-11:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 15:30-17:00 (CEST/SAST)   


Room: Pre-Conference Channel 2


Partners in Health: Building on a Comprehensive HIV Prevention and Treatment Approach to Realize Universal Health Coverage (Facilitated by the alternate board member of the Developed NGO Delegation to the Global Fund, Joia Mukherjee) 

Details: The session will present case studies, and include a presentation and interactive group work to understand PIH’s UHC monitoring tool.  

Date and Time: July 6 08:00 (PDT) ~ 11:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 17:00 (CEST/SAST)

Room: Virtual Room 1



STOPAIDS & UNITE: Securing and Championing Resilient Political Leadership to support ending AIDS by 2030 

Details: Join this session to hear directly from Parliamentarians and advocates about their experiences as political champions in the response working to change laws and budgets, influence policies and hold governments to account on their commitments.

Date and Time: July 6 08:00 (PDT) ~ 11:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 17:00 (CEST/SAST)



Youth Stop AIDS & LetsStopAIDS: “Young People Speak Out to End AIDS” – youth-led storytelling from pioneering young activists living with HIV from around the world 


Details: This event builds on our past success and intends to raise awareness amongst young people increasing their understanding of the global HIV response, their own sexual health and synergies with other health and development priorities. The event will provide a platform to young speakers from key population groups to address the gaps in the HIV response that these demographics face and promote evidence-informed HIV responses. It will also build momentum for our work to support other youth-led movements to persuade their governments to re-prioritize their HIV response while promoting storytelling as a model of excellence in youth-led advocacy.
Date and Time: July 6 08:00 (PDT) ~ 11:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 17:00 (CEST/SAST) 


Frontline AIDS: Prevention Now: Ending new HIV infections during COVID-19


Date and Time: Monday 6th July; 10.00am (BST)



tuesday 07 july

Prime session 1: 40 Year HIV Pandemic 

Plenary Casualties on the road to ending HIV: Context matters in addressing HIV disparities


Room: Prime Channel-Live sessions


Time: 07:00-08:00 (PDT) ~ 10:00-11:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 16:00-17:00 (CEST/SAST)


The Global Fund & Friends of the Global Fight: HIV, COVID-19 and Global Health at an Inflection Point: Going Forward in Partnership


Details: This session will look at how the private sector and civil society can build partnerships to address HIV, COVID and other health challenges.


Room: Satellite Channel 4


Time: 08:00-09:00 (PDT) ~ 11:00-12:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 17:00-18:00 (CEST/SAST)


wednesday 08 july

GFAN Networking Zone: Global Health & COVID-19: the role of the G20 and of multilateral organizations**

Network Salute Globale
Details:  The session will provide an overview of G20 and Civil20 and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and include planning for Italy’s G20 presidency next year. 


Format: Round Table with Moderator



Prime Session 2: Women’s Resilience


Details:  Still we rise: The power of resilience among women living with HIV


Room: Prime Channel-Live sessions 


Time: 13:00 (PDT) ~ 16:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 22:00 (CEST/SAST) 

Prime Session 3: U=U


Details:  U=U: Global Perspective. GFAN Speaker Erika Castellanos is part of the pannel! 


Room: Prime Channel-Live sessions 


Time: 17:00 (PDT) ~ 20:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 24:00 (CEST/SAST) 

GFAN Networking Zone: Advanced COVID Tool Accelerator (ACT-A)—opportunities for CSO engagement

 Global Fund CRG, FIND, and GFAN

This session will update participants on the work of ACT A and identify ways communities and civil society organizations can be participate in this innovative initiative.  


Format: Round Table with Moderator






**Slides from the G20 Discussion

thursday 9 july

GFAN Networking Zone: A Community Health Workers Viewpoint on Digital Health during COVID-19


Host: Living Goods


Details:  This session will allow participants to learn directly from Community Health Workers how COVID-19 has changed the way they deliver care. It will provide participants with a real-world account of both the benefits and limitations of digital health, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Format: Virtual Panel Discussion


Video shared:



Prime session 1: Targets


Details: HIV targets and beyond: An assessment of progress towards global commitments.  GFAN Africa’s Rosemary Mburu will be particpating in the plenary session.


Room: Prime Channel-Live sessions


Time: 07:00 (PDT) ~ 10:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 16:00 (CEST/SAST)




Prime Session 2: People Who Inject Drugs


Details:  The global epidemics among people who inject drugs: Time for urgent reform.  Speaker Andriy Klepikov – the Developing Country Delegation Board Member to the Global Fund


Room: Prime Channel-Live sessions 


Time: 13:00 (PDT) ~ 16:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 22:00 (CEST/SAST) 


Meet Your Reps: Unitaid & Global Fund Civil Society & Community Engagement



This session will be a discussion with Communities & NGO Board Members at Unitaid and Global Fund to hear more about how they represent their delegations. Board Members will discuss their ways of working and highlight their current priorities. The discussion will also include the response to COVID-19 and strategy development processes and will be followed by a Q&A session.





STOPAIDS &  the Unitiad NGO Delegation: Overcoming barriers to achieving the 90-90-90 targets in the time of COVID-19: a holistic look at prices and accessibility of medicines and diagnostics 

Details: This discussion will explore key questions and wider multifaceted challenges in the access to medicines space. We’ll be sharing best practice and reflecting on how the international community must work together to achieve global HIV targets.


Time: 06:00 (PDT) ~ 09:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 15:00 (CEST/SAST)




friday 10 july

Prime Session 4: Financing


Details:  Doubling down: Our X billion-dollar challenge to end AIDS.  With Peter Sands, ED of the Global Fund


Room: Prime Channel-Live sessions 


Time: 24:00 (PDT) ~ 03:00 (EST/CLT) ~ 09:00 (CEST/SAST)


GFAN Networking Zone: ACTIVISM and AIDS: Protect Civil Society’s space to end the epidemic


Faciltator: Anton Basenko, Global Fund Advocate and Alliance for Public Health Ukraine (and GFAN Speaker) 


Details:  We will specially discuss the challenges faced by civil society groups in using national and international mechanisms for advocacy, leading them to being inadequately represented and addressed in national, regional, and international fora.


Format: Presentation and open discussion


Time: 05:00-06:30 (PDT) ~ 08:00-09:30 (EST/CLT) ~ 14:00-15:30 (CEST/SAST)




Frontline AIDS:  Under Attack: Challenging human rights violations during COVID-19 



Time: 10.00am (BST)