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Thank you to those that submitted an application. Applications are currently being reviewed and applicants will be contacted with further information. 

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The Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) first launched its ‘Ambassadors’ program – composed of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, TB and/or malaria – for its Here I Am Campaign in 2010, with a new group in 2012-2013; this evolved in 2015 into a ‘Speakers Bureau’ and was reconstituted again in 2017 and 2020. The principle is that people who have personally experienced the impact of the Global Fund in their lives are the most impactful spokespeople for the Global Fund.

As GFAN members are constantly seeking opportunities to solidify and increase either donor funding to the Global Fund or domestic funding for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, being able to call upon trained, impactful spokespeople is a key to the success of their advocacy.

During the past 10 years, we’ve brought our speakers to numerous events hosted in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific, including high-level meetings, Global Fund Preparatory and Pledging meetings, parliamentary briefings, one-on-one meetings with elected officials and decision-makers and roundtable discussions. Our speakers were featured in dozens of news articles and several multimedia pieces. We created video and photo stories of some of our speakers, that have been shared and screened many times.

GFAN is seeking a new group of people for the GFAN Speakers Bureau. These individuals will, as much as possible, represent the diversity of people who are affected by the 3 diseases: people of all genders and all ages, people from countries around the world and people representing those key and vulnerable populations and communities that are most affected.

Membership in the GFAN Speakers Bureau is voluntary, however any travel related expenses for events or trips organized by the GFAN Secretariat will be covered, including any virtual costs (such as attending a virtual meeting) but no renumeration (honorarium, income replacement or otherwise) is available at this time.  

A selection committee with representatives from the Communities Delegation to the Board of the Global Fund, the Global Fund Advocates Network and its Steering Committee will be struck to review the applications.

Deadline for applications is 16 January at 23:59 (EST). Nominators or interested speakers are requested to send their applications to: Tara Hogeterp, Operations Manager (GFAN) at tara [at] with the subject line: Speakers Bureau Application – Your Name.


To learn more about previous Speakers, please visit our Speakers page!


Apply now!

Download the complete nomination package:

Eligibility Criteria

*Applicants must meet these to be eligible to apply:

*Geographic Criteria:

*Language Criteria:

  • As English is the most common language of our work, speakers should be able to work in English (speak and read) without the help of translation.

** Speakers who speak other languages in particular French, Spanish, or Russian are encouraged to note that prominently in their applications.

*Personal Criteria:

  • Speakers should be currently accessing, or have accessed in the past, Global Fund supported programs for themselves, or a close dependent (child, spouse, parent). 
  • Legally able to travel domestically and internationally. 
  • Please indicate any visas you currently have, or have had in the past 5 years.

ADDITIONAL CRITERIA (these strongly support an application):

Primary issues that speakers should have some basic ability to speak to and an interest in being able to develop their skills:

  • Community needs and results related to the Global Fund and HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
  • Types of activities the Global Fund funds
  • Resource mobilization for the Global Fund
  • Core Global Fund policy issues

The ideal candidates will also be able to speak, in addition to the above issues, from some kind of personal experience (as an individual or even due to the impact in their community or through their work) to one or more of the followinDownloadg, what we call “entry point issues for advocacy”:

  • People living openly with HIV
  • MDR-TB
  • Malaria
  • Overall health and community systems
  • Key affected populations
  • Women and girls
  • Mothers/Maternal Health
  • Youth
  • Community Health Worker / Health Care Worker

*Please indicate your availability for training the week of April 17, 2023

Nomination process and Application documents

We are asking GFAN members to nominate candidates that match the profile and requirements listed above. GFAN members may nominate more than one individual.  Please note if you are a GFAN member and wish to be nominate, you will need to find a different GFAN member to support your application.

Each nominated individual should include in their application the following documents if they are interested in being a Speaker:


  1. Letter of nomination from GFAN member (1 page)
  2. Short letter of motivation (1500 words or less) from applicant about why being a speaker to champion the work of the Global Fund is of interest and what makes them a speaker able to speak to a few of the the issues listed under the Additional Criteria indicated above.
  3. Recent copy of resumé/CV highlighting relevant experience (no more than 2 pages)

Either the nominator or interested speaker may submit the application, but only application packages with all 3 of the listed items above will be considered.  Please send all applications to the attention of Tara Hogeterp tara [@] before 16 January 2023.  Only complete applications will be considered.

Requested from the nominator:

Short letter (1 page) of recommendation from the GFAN partner that briefly describes why they nominate the individual. 

Requested from the interested speaker:

Interested speakers are strongly encouraged to address as much of the following in their letter of motivation or resume/CV:

  • Specific details of their experience, or that of a close dependent (child, spouse, parent), with receiving support from a Global Fund-funded program
  • Why they care about the Global Fund and the work it does
  • Any public or community speaking experience generally and any speaking experience on Global Fund issues specifically
  • Any past positions on a Global Fund funded project, a national CCM, GF Board or Delegation work, if applicable
  • Language(s) they speak
  • Any experience travelling internationally
  • Technical ability to receive and send emails on a regular basis and be reachable by phone (mobile, SMS or other)

The level of their ability to travel outside the country for several days at a time (considering employment, personal responsibilities, proximity to a major travel hub and any legal concerns)

Download the Documents: