Money Matters

Money matters and we do not have enough to firmly get us back on track to end the three epidemics by 2030. We must build on the impressive commitments made in Lyon and raise more to get back on track.

The US$ 14 billion ask – was always an ambitious target – but, is, in reality, the minimum needed. GFAN has long been clear – to truly Step up the Fight and get us Back on Track towards our sustainable development goals of eliminating the 3 diseases by 2030 – an investment of at least US$ 18 billion in the Global Fund is critical. 

How would you invest another US $4 billion?

Choose one of the 5 categories below to tell us how you would Invest to End the Epidemics!

  1. Catalytic Funding: Catalytic investments are a portion of funding for Global Fund-supported programs, activities and strategic investments that are not adequately accommodated through country allocations but that are essential to achieve the aims of the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2022 and global partner plans. (definition from the Global Fund)
  2. SRHR: Access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights as a basic human right. (definition from the Global Fund for Women)
  3. Key Populations: Key populations experience both increased impact from one or more of the diseases and decreased access to services. Widespread stigma and discrimination, state and non-state violence and harassment, restrictive laws and policies, and criminalization of behaviors or practices put key populations at heightened risks and undermine their access to services. (definition from the Global Fund)
  4. UHC: UHC is based on the principle that all individuals and communities should have access to quality essential health services without suffering financial hardship. (definition from UHC2030)
  5. Another Priority: Tell us!