GFANtastic 6th Replenishment: Tools and Resources

The Global Fund has a history of doing extraordinary work: few investments have had the impact that the Global Fund has in saving lives, preventing infections and creating strong and resilient health systems. We are at a critical moment where the minimum will not be enough to prevent us from sliding back.

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To Get Back on Track we must Step Up the Fight.

Start by signing our Call to Action / Appel à l’action !

Wondering how you can advocate for the Global Fund replenishment and are not sure what you can do? Read this simple guide on how to reach out and contact your Head(s) of State and advocate!

Find social media tools, messages, and images to help take your
Global Fund Replenishment advocacy viral!

Below you will find a variety of resources and tools that can be used to support your advocacy for the Global Fund Replenishment:

GFAN Publications and Talking Points:


Talking Points:

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Resources in other languages:

Global Fund Documents and Resources:


Other Resources: