Miranda Ekema Ndolo

Miranda Ekema Ndolo

As a nurse and HER Voice Fund Ambassador, Miranda works on the front lines of HIV prevention and care in Cameroon. She is a passionate feminist and advocate for community-centered movements and has coordinated events and advocacy efforts related to the HIV and SRHR response for adolescent girls and young women.

Miranda uses her expertise as a healthcare professional to inform her advocacy for improved health systems and services, particularly for young women. She has led counselling sessions on HIV prevention, provided health services to rural communities where access to information about HIV, TB and malaria are limited, and has also worked with these communities to spread information about HIV transmission and prevention.

"It is important for us to continue to save lives and to continue the global fight against HIV and tuberculosis (TB) throughout the world, but for this we need money. [...] These are just numbers, but human lives are behind these numbers and it is very important for people like me, because my life was also saved by the Global Fund.”'

Miranda Ekema Ndolo - GFAN Speakers Bureau

Miranda Ekema Ndolo - GFAN Speakers Bureau (En Français)

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